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As a tax relief Services Company, we take pride in the fact that we can provide solution to IRS TAX problems, even if the case requires immediate action.
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Get Out From Under The Burden of IRS & State Tax Debt

Tax Consultation

Alliance Tax Advocate employs a simple three-step process in order to provide you…

Tax Investigation

Whether it’s the case where the Internal Revenue Service decides to visit

IRS Back Taxes

The Internal Revenue Service can knock on your door sooner or later…

IRS Installment Plans

If you are in dire need of IRS tax relief but cannot possibly afford to pay the entirety…

Offer In Compromise

If you don’t have the financial wherewithal to pay a large tax debt, there are options

Currently Not Collectible

The chances of anyone ending up owing the IRS back taxes are the highest.

Remove a Tax Lien

When a tax lien is filed, the information will appear on your credit report...

Penalty Abatement

If you are one of the millions who owe back taxes to the...

How To Stop Wage Garnishment

The IRS and state department of revenue is just like any ...

Audit Defense

A tax audit can be time-consuming and frustrating. We...

Different Types of Tax Settlement

If there’s an opportunity of paying off a percentage...

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We Always Take Care Of Our Clients

We love to hear from previous clients and how we were able to help.

Nicole was able to perform miracle tax lien resolutions at record speed. They were very helpful in working with my clients and their IRS liens/issues and they were able to remove an IRS lien that was preventing the sale of a property within just a couple weeks. Nicole, Kayla, Max and all who worked tirelessly. I really appreciate all your hard work, communication, and effort into making satisfied customers. Your expertise has shown and I cannot say enough how much you helped. I wish you the best and continued success.

James Zoe
James Zoe

They took care of my back tax problems quickly! I was struggling with this for so long until I found you guys. James was so nice and friendly and patient. He took care of everything for me and walked me through the process. I can't believe how much of my back taxes you were able to get forgiven. Don't know what I would have done without you. Highly recommend!!!

Brenda Royer
Brenda Royer

Alliance helped reduce my monthly payment to the IRS. I was getting crushed in monthly payments and it seemed hopeless. I read an article about Alliance Tax Advocate and contacted them. My monthly payments were reduced by over 50%. They really fought hard for me and I really appreciate it. I tried to get this resolved on my own dozens of times and always failed and was left frustrated. Great company, great people.

Robert Augustine
Robert Augustine

How We Work

How you can get rid of your IRS or State tax debt:

Here’s the simple process we use to help free you from the burden of IRS tax debt.


    Give us a call or click Get Started and we can discuss with you the specific actions to take.


    IRS contact to stop all action and case assignment to an IRS Specialist for review and research.


    Resolve all tax issues with your needs and assets as our priority


    Full resolution and compliance.

Distressed family couple have debt problem, being not able to pay apartment rent

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