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As a tax relief Services Company, we take pride in the fact that we can provide solution to IRS TAX problems, even if the case requires immediate action.

Being audited by the IRS for your income taxes. Tax return audit

Tax Audit Defense

In certain situations the IRS will conduct a tax audit, taking a deeper dive into your personal life and tax situation.

For individuals that are currently under audit from the state or IRS, our Audit Defense service entails us representing you during this difficult process.

You as a tax payer are entitled to representation and to plead your case and situation to the IRS.

A tax audit can be incredibly frustrating and stressful on you.  We understand that and can step as a representative to help handle the process and fight for you.

If you are under a tax audit, proper representation can be key to a positive outcome.  These processes can be time-consuming and overwhelming for someone handling it on there own.

Tax Audit services include:

  1. Responding to IRS notices on your behalf
  2. Defending your case in audit hearings
  3. Provide support & education about your situation
  4. Resolving the tax situation
  5. Advising on any penalties and fees associated with your tax situation.

How We Work

Here’s the simple process we use to help free you from the burden of IRS tax debt.

Our attorneys and legal counsel have the skills, experience and education needed to help provide you the relief you need. Having our professional tax team behind you provides many benefits, such as: 

  • Expert IRS negotiation experience 
  • Protection against loss of assets
  • Current knowledge of all tax relief options
  • Fair and financially manageable tax debt resolution
  • Prevention of wage garnishment, tax levy, or tax lien
  • Protection for an innocent spouse.
We offer a range of services to our valuable clients. We provide tax services such as stop Wage Garnishment, Payment Plans/Partial Pay IA, Release Bank Levies, File Delinquent Tax Returns, Penalty Abatement etc.

    Give us a call or click Get Started and we can discuss with you the specific actions to take.


    IRS contact to stop all action and case assignment to an IRS Specialist for review and research.


    Resolve all tax issues with your needs and assets as our priority


    Full resolution and compliance.

Finding a qualified and trustworthy Tax Lawyer to help you with your back IRS tax debts can be overwhelming for most people.

There is hope if you’re one of the millions of individuals who owe back taxes but can’t afford to pay the IRS in full. A professional IRS tax relief company can help you navigate the complicated and treacherous tax roads of the IRS. By negotiating a settlement you can resolve your tax liabilities with the IRS for much less.


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